Every Time I Wear This One Necklace, I Get Dozens of Messages on Instagram

Every Time I Wear This One Necklace, I Get Dozens of Messages on Instagram

June 10, 2020 at 06:00AM

Ever have an item of clothing that people can’t stop asking you where it’s from? That piece for me right now is a vintage gold chain I bought from eBay for a tenner. Every time I wear it, I get dozens of messages on Instagram about it (because the only place you’ll really see an outfit right now is on Instagram). For a fashion editor, I have a moderate following on the platform; it’s nearing the 2K mark, but it’s not huge, especially in comparison to a lot of other peers and colleagues. This isn’t to make you feel pity for my lack of social media fans but rather to highlight that my reach isn’t massive, yet followers message me about this necklace more than anything else. 

For a bit of background on this piece of jewellery, I’d been hunting for a gold chain for a while. I didn’t want to spend a lot, and I was keen to find one that was also vintage to ensure it was more sustainable. Then, after months of searching, I found the perfect one on eBay, and it was only £10. It’s a shorter chain, so it rests high on my chest but not so high that it would be considered a choker. (Although, I do love those versions, too.) But perhaps the best thing about this other than it ticks my boxes of affordable and sustainable is that it goes with literally everything in my wardrobe. Whether it’s a white shirt, a leopard-print dress or a blue coat, it’s the ultimate lift for an outfit that needs a bit of zhuzh. To help you do the same, I’ve compiled an edit of my favourite vintage gold chains you can buy right now.


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Author Elinor Block | Whowhatwear
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