I Live In Paris—and This is My Capsule for Summer 2020

June 16, 2020 at 06:00AM


Every month, Londoner turned Parisienne Marissa Cox of Rue Rodier will bring you her pearls of Parisian fashion wisdom and beauty tips straight from the French capital. A writer, photographer and influencer, we turn to the oh-so-chic Marissa on a regular basis for a truly unique take on her adopted country’s signature style. Whether we’re looking to her décor decisions, handbag purchases or chic hotel choices, we can all agree that looking un petit peu plus Français could never be a bad thing…

I’m finally back home in Paris, after spending two and a half months at my mum’s in the UK for lockdown. Following a week of settling into my new apartment – I moved six days before we went into quarantine – and being reunited with my wardrobe (a cause for celebration in itself), I’m becoming accustomed to my new ‘normal’, which means wearing a mask (obligatory when going into a supermarket, shop or any place of business here). It’s a minimalistic black one in case you’re wondering. I have (of course) been trying to colour coordinate my new face fixture by wearing something black every day, although admittedly it’s strange leaving the house with an added (essential) accessory, but health is wealth.

I was equal parts excited and apprehensive about returning home to Paris, but France is easing, things are beginning to open up a little more this week and the parks re-opened over the weekend! Meaning that after wearing almost the same outfit everyday for two months, and what with green spaces I can now visit, I thought it high time that I share my wishlist for summer with you. Of course things have changed dramatically since the beginning of March, and so have my priorities, as I imagine they have for many of you. Firstly opting for comfort in my clothing choices being one of them and secondly if this weird and disconcerting experience has taught me anything, is that I have to put my money in the right places, which means when it comes to clothes, investing in forever pieces that have longevity. So if you are in the market for some new summer pieces, wallet-permitting, here are the things I’m currently hankering after for summer, inspired by a timeless Parisian capsule wardrobe that as most of the items I suggest in this column, has a long shelf life.

With most events cancelled in the coming months along with weddings sadly, you won’t be finding me in a pair of heels very often, and if you do they will be small and walkable. And what with the new precautions we should be taking when it comes to short distance travel, I’ll be walking or cycling most places, so comfort, ease and versatility of wear are also now at the forefront of my buying decisions. Dresses on my list are comfy and flow-y, so if you are continuing to work from home, you can feel cool and comfortable in the warmer months or whilst running essential errands around the city. And if you are lucky enough to have a garden or live by the sea, I’ve included beachwear that can easily be doubled up as bodies, as our clothes need to work harder than ever for their price tags! Keep scrolling to see my summer wishlist. 


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Author Emma Spedding | Whowhatwear
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