23 Beauty Products I Turn to Whenever I’m Feeling Out of Sorts

June 19, 2020 at 08:56PM


Some beauty products fill me with total, unadulterated joy. In fact, whenever I need a little boost in spirits, beauty is the first thing I turn to. And it sounds shallow, I know, but it really does work for me. When I start the day on a downer, there are very few things that can actually improve my mood. I mean, a slice of freshly-baked Victoria sponge and a cup of tea can only keep me content for so long. And I’m not one of those people that can power through a situation regardless of their mood, either. If I’m sad, anxious, grumpy or just plain angry, it’s an all-encompassing sort of situation.

I have found that over the years, the way that I’m feeling has a lot to do with how I’m treating myself. With a solid beauty routine being one of the easiest ways to show yourself some love, I’ve spent a lot of time honing quick, no-fuss beauty rituals that guarantee to get me out of a funk. It sounds extra, I know, but for me, it honestly works.

For instance, I know that when I’m struggling to sleep, reaching for my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and a Spacemask will have me out like a light. If I’m feeling anxious, I know my go-to Aromatherapy Associates Revive Bath Oil and Omorovicza Gold Sugar Body Scrub will calm my mind, at least for a few minutes.

But while sleep-inducing and anti-anxiety beauty products are by far two of the most well-known sections of the mood-shifting beauty market, that’s not to say it stops there. Whether I’m feeling frustrated, stressed, forlorn or just plain down in the dumps, there’s a product out there for me. 

And sadly, now more so than ever, without the option of blowing off some steam with an outdoor run or a visit to a friend, I’ve found myself turning to my trusty mood-boosting beauty products more so than ever. From zingy hand creams to cooling face masks, keep scrolling to discover the most emotionally uplifting beauty products around.

For me, happiness is feeling comfortable, so it makes sense that I’m feeling my cheeriest when my skin isn’t playing up or sore. At the moment, I’m trying to give my hands all of the love they deserve, and this uplifting aromatic hand balm is an absolute hero. Not only does the mandarin and cedarwood scent put a smile on my face, but it also leaves my hands happy too. 

This blend of zesty Sicilian lemon and fresh basil is like happiness in a spritz. If I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps, I spray this on soft furnishings and it’s an instant lift. It’s fresh and zingy, a bit sherbert-y but spa-like at the same time. If you ask me, this is exactly what happiness smells like.


I am by no means an eye shadow artist, however, this tiny pastel palette is enough to put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces. With a mix of wearable mattes and pretty shimmers, a simple swipe over the lids cheers me up in a matter of seconds.

It’s all too easy to reach for a sweet, citrusy perfume when you’re feeling down. After all, it makes sense that those summer scents should do the trick. However, experts actually say that any scent that we associate with happiness will help evoke it. For me (and for many others too), it’s light and fresh florals that fill me with joy. This particular perfume smells like spring meadows and freshly cut grass, making it my go-to happy spritz.

When you want to boost energy, I would usually advise opting for a tingly, gel body wash. However, this shower cream smells like zesty lemon, zingy ginger and fresh lemongrass to make for the most invigorating of wake up calls. Plus, the moisturising cream formula won’t leave your skin stripped like other fragranced washes. 

Whether it’s the refreshing spritz itself, the scent or the formula, I really don’t know, but there is genuinely nothing more energising than a good face mist. Whenever I’m lacking in energy levels throughout the day, a quick spray of this over my face instantly refreshes and revives. As a bonus, it leaves my skin seriously glowy.

When my energy levels are low, you can bet my skin is feeling it too. This glow-giving elixir not only plumps and nourishes skin, but it also provides the perfect slip for the ultimate re-energising facial massage. Finally, it also contains a blend of neroli, frankincense, lavender and clary sage essential oils to help boost energy.

This hardworking facial massager knows exactly how to boost circulation and inject some life back into tired skin.

If I’m feeling exhausted and pre-empting a distinct lack of energy the following day, I dab this rejuvenating serum around my eyes before bed. Overnight, it works against dark circles, puffiness and fatigue. After all, it’s a lot easier to feel energised when you look it too. 

It’s no secret that I love a bath. In fact, I have one every single night before bed to help me unwind and destress. While I usually reach for lavender-scented soaks, these super-affordable eucalyptus-and-spearmint salts are surprisingly relaxing. I’ve found myself turning to these a lot more during the colder months to help open up my airways and clear my head. 

If I’ve had a super busy day and I’m struggling to unwind before bed, this pot of goodness always helps. Not only is it intensely nourishing and calming, but the subtle lavender scent also offers up some serious emotional relief. Expect to wake up with plumped, firmed, glowing skin. 

Nothing helps me relax quite like a quick limb massage. I absolutely love massaging this calming oil into my arms and legs to relieve muscle tension and soothe skin at the same time. With notes of sandalwood, rose geranium and frankincense, it really does help your home feel a little bit more spa-like.

A stress-filled day for me usually involves sitting in front of my laptop for hours on end. As a result, my eyes usual feel strained and aching by the evening. To help soothe them, I pop on these eye masks and 20 minutes later, I feel like a new (much calmer) woman. 

We all have days when we’re feeling a little less sure of ourselves than normal. Whenever I need to pull it together and get stuff done, a few spritzes of this ignites something in me. Combining the zesty notes of lemon and mandarin with the musky base of sandalwood and cedar, Acqua di Parma’s cult fragrance has something powerfully invigorating about it. When I’m wearing this, nothing can stop me.

My long hair is definitely a comfort blanket. When I’m not feeling myself, a bit of extra time on my hair can make all of the different. This new hair mask formulated for those trying to grow longer lengths has already firmly cemented its place as my favourite beauty launch of 2020. Because, as it turns out, hearing everyone tell you how great your hair looks is empowering.

Name a more empowering beauty product that a good red lipstick. I’ll wait. This particular shade from MAC has been my go-to feel-good lipstick for as long as I can remember. It’s comfortable, long-lasting and makes my teeth look whiter than they actually are. All in all, it’s basically all I need to look pulled-together. A single swipe takes a big beauty burden off my shoulders. 

This super-cooling face mask really works by shocking my skin back into life. It’s instantly refreshing and leaves behind the most beautiful dewy glow. After just five minutes, I’m ready to take on anything. 

Adding this invigorating scrub to my morning shower routine is a guaranteed way to start the day off on a good foot. With refreshing ginger, it leaves the skin feeling (and smelling) absolutely amazing. 

Nothing says comfort quite like a nourishing face moisturiser. Perfect for skin prone to redness and irritation, this lightweight moisturiser is like a comfort blanket for your face. 

To me, feeling comfortable and cosy means ruling out any uncomfortable skin situations. My dry lips often cause me upset and this thick, nourishing balm is my go-to. As an added bonus, it smells like salted caramel. What’s not to love about that?

Like fluffy towels, creamy vanilla and warm cashmere, this new perfume from Molton Brown is just about one of the most comforting aromas I have ever come across. It’s like wrapping yourself up in a blanket after a tiring day. 

Cleansing gels can often leave my skin red and irritated, but thick, sumptuous balms are rarely enough on their own to decongest my oily T-zone. This incredible balm is soothing and also contains Hungarian moor mud to help clear pores. Using it makes for the ultimate calming beauty ritual.

While perfumed body creams are great and everything, if you have sensitive skin like me, you’ll know that sometimes heavily scented products do more harm than good. When I’m looking for extra comfort, I reach for this fragrance-free, kind-to-skin body cream. It offers deep, soothing nourishment without even a hint of irritation. 

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Author Shannon Lawlor | Whowhatwear
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