All the Clueless Outfits We’d Still Wear Today

June 22, 2020 at 11:07AM


While Paul Rudd’s inability to age might continue to baffle us (does he have a portrait in the attic? I’d like to know), there’s one thing from Clueless that will never perplex us: the fashion. The trends in the much-loved iconic ’90s movie remain popular even in 2020. True, it’s been 25 years since the film was released, so it’s no surprise that plenty of the trends have come back around by now, but the thing is they never really went away. From the strappy dresses to the oversize black jackets as well as sheer tops, there are so many looks that were made mainstream by the film that we just absorbed into our wardrobes forever. Ready to see the key pieces Cher et al. introduced to us? Keep scrolling for the best Clueless outfits that we still wear today.

Style Notes: Knee-high socks paired with a little skirt and a white shirt? The school-girl vibe is very 2020. 

Style Notes: Yes, this is one of the most recognisable pieces in the film, but while we probably won’t wear the whole co-ord, our love of checks remains. 

Style Notes: The classic slip dress is always a winner. 

Style Notes: Were you even a teenager in the ’90s if you didn’t wear a vest top over a T-shirt? 


Style Notes: Let’s never overlook best friend Dee’s outfits. Orange was all over the S/S 20 runways, and Dee proves that it looks incredible. 

Style Notes: Another winning look from Dee? This white shirt with an oversize collar. 

Style Notes: Plaid jackets have been going strong for a few seasons. Thanks to Cher, you can see just how cool they can look. 

Style Notes: Dresses with nipped-in waists are chic. 

Style Notes: Finally, we’ve found where our love of purple cardigans comes from. 

Style Notes: Bomber jackets will always be a solid wardrobe staple. 

Style Notes: Another trend that’s been doing the rounds for some seasons is the headband. Try a red for a really standout look. 

Style Notes: Sheer tops layered over vest tops was another ’90s winner, and the trend continues to be popular now. 

Style Notes: Red velvet seems like it shouldn’t be a trend that is popular outside of the festive period, but then Batsheva and The Vampire’s Wife came along, and we want to wear this style of dress all the time. 

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Author Elinor Block | Whowhatwear
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