I Always Get Asked About My Eyebrows—Here’s How I Fake Them

June 22, 2020 at 05:00AM


I just want to put a caveat here before I start banging on about my eyebrows’ brilliance. I know that they won’t be to everyone’s tastes but I have worked hard to give my brows love and care to get them to a point I’m finally happy with them. For years, I looked at my eyebrows and lamented that they weren’t very full. They were always a little patchy and, while I didn’t over-pluck them during my teenage years thanks to my mum’s prudent advice, they still didn’t give off that Brooke Shields vibe I wanted. Then a few years ago, I was finally introduced to a fuller brow thanks to my incredible wedding makeup artist–I realised perhaps somewhat late that I could just fake them. Now, I’m not talking about those incredible Instagram eyebrows. While they look amazing, for the everyday, they’re a little too full. Over the past few years, I’ve honed down my eyebrow style and the products I think are the best. 

Before I give you the full run-down of products I recommend, I also think it’s worth a note on plucking. I rarely pluck my brows and when I do, I only get rid of strays and perhaps ones that go under the arch of my eye socket (yep, I have some hair there). But other than that, I leave them. My rule of thumb is: don’t try to get rid of hair when you want them to look full. However, if you need them shaped, I’d suggest putting down the tweezers and getting them threaded. 

Now onto product selection. For starters, you really need to find the correct colour for your brows. Which means, of course, you want to get the colour as close to your brows as possible. A makeup artist once told me that you want to go for a ‘flat’ colour, but what does that mean? It means no shimmer, just a solid colour. Most brands I’ve recommended below offer a range of different colours, so hopefully you’ll be able to find something that’s as close to your brown colour as possible. If you’re not sure between the two colours, I tend to err on the darker shade. 

I’d also recommend a slim pencil or a slanted one as I find it much easier to control how much colour to put on my brows. The key here is to use the pencil to create fake hairs to give the impression that you’ve got a fuller brow. Keep scrolling to see the brow pencils I’d recommend…


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Author Elinor Block | Whowhatwear
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