Summer Hairstyle Ideas For Hot, Sticky Days and Sweaty Workouts

June 22, 2020 at 01:00PM

Once temperatures skyrocket and that humidity hits, nearly every day can feel like a bad-hair day. And if you have longer tresses, forget it: Wearing your hair down feels like you have a blanket over your shoulders at best. To help ease your heat wave struggles, we’ve tapped two local hair experts for summer hairstyle ideas and product recos. Bonus: Not only are you going to want to screenshot these styles for the next time the heat has you this close to cutting all your strands off but they’ll help you keep your hair in check (and you looking chic) while you’re working out. Because, let’s be honest: We’ve all skipped breaking a sweat to save a hairstyle, and we should never have to put our hair ahead of our health.


Up and Away

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In high temps, opting to sweep all your hair up into a neck-baring style is a no-brainer. The always-popular topknot will never date, especially if you pull out a few wispy, face-framing layers. The ’do is also an ideal way to summer-proof long box braids and dreadlocks: Just twist them up into an oversized version. And long live the effortless messy bun. If you have shorter hair that doesn’t quite reach full chignon potential, try space buns, recommends Ana Ruiz, a hairstylist at Toronto’s fitness gym meets beauty salon Bolo. “You basically separate the top layer of your hair into two messy buns on either side of the crown of your head,” she explains. Ruiz is also a fan of sweat-proofing clients’ hair with a double-stacked ponytail.

TIP: If you’re planning on taking your updo down once the weather cools or post-workout, gather hair loosely and attach it with spiral hair ties instead of traditional elastics, recommends Ruiz. They’re strong enough to hold your style in place without leaving creases in your hair, plus they’re less tangle-prone.

Dream Weaver

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Both practical and eye-catching, braids are perfect for tackling hair woes on non-wash days and easily transition into a post-workout style. If you’re concerned about greasy roots before you plait, try a little dry shampoo, advises Ruiz. “It helps absorb the oils left in your hair after a workout and helps the style last longer.” Good with braiding? Take a stab at sleek Dutch braids or a timeless French plait down the back of your head. For the best outcome for chunky braided looks, try some volumizing powder, especially if your strands are feeling limp and lifeless. “This adds more grit to the hair, which makes it appear fuller and holds the braids in really well,” says Ruiz. For something simpler to DIY, loose pigtail plaits that start at the nape of the neck never fail. They’re also a pro-recommended method for achieving easy waves—just take it from Justin German, a celebrity hairstylist and consulting stylist for Pantene. “Spritz in a dry texturizing spray as a setting lotion and then do two loose braids,” he shares. “When you’re ready to take them out, you’ll have some texture.”

Accessories Alert

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Sometimes the most stunning summer hairstyle is also the easiest. “Playing with different types of headbands and decorative bobby pins and clips is in right now,” says German. Whether you are slicking back sticky bangs with pins or upgrading a classic ponytail with a standout hair tie, hair adornments have reached some serious new style heights and are elevating fuss-free hairstyles to no end. Also, if sweaty edges are the stuff of nightmares for you, a moisture-wicking headband or a silk or satin scarf can help keep your hair flat and perspiration from spreading to the rest of your hair.

TIP: Hit damp roots with a blow-dryer on cool while still wearing your head covering. “When it comes to curly hair, I recommend using a headband instead of a hair tie,” says Ruiz. “It allows you to pull back your hair but keeps curls from losing their shape or knotting.” Her go-to for reviving any lost bounce post-sweat? Saturate your curls with a refreshing leave-in conditioner or detangler and then give them a good shake.

Hot Hair Essentials

Now that you’ve got a few summer hairstyle ideas to try, these are the products that will help you nail the look.

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