This Multipurpose Makeup Hack Replicates Light & Dewy Highlighter

July 04, 2020 at 02:24PM

No doubt highlighters are a clean beauty mainstay; after all, they’re all about glowy, healthy-looking skin often with added skin care benefits. But that doesn’t mean getting your highlighter just right is always simple: You might envision that slick, no-shimmer sheen, but perhaps your highlighter lies a little sparkly on the skin. And while there are plenty of shimmer-free options out there, you might not have the ability to snag one at the very second. What to do in a pinch?

Celebrity makeup artist A.J. Crimson knows the dilemma well, so he uses this little hack to give you that same dewy shine without going full highlight: “I was actually really afraid of regular highlighters for so long, but this will give you that same sheen and feel,” he tells mbg.

The highlighter hack, you ask? None other than lip gloss.

Why you should grab your gloss.

Crimson is partial to a clear or slightly tinted gloss to tap on the high points of the face—that is, your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, brow bones, and cupid’s bow. “It gives you this great highlighter effect without using high levels of mica and shimmer, which can sometimes look a little blotchy and overpowering,” he says. Perfect if you’re looking for a dewy glow without dipping too far into your makeup bag.

You’re probably thinking: Uh, do I want to put lip gloss on my face? That’s where your ingredients come into play: Clean, natural options aren’t typically formulated with mineral oils, petroleum, and the like (which is what gives traditional glosses their greasy, tacky feel). Rather, they’re loaded with good-for-you ingredients, such as hydrating hyaluronic acid, nourishing oils, and antioxidants like vitamin E and C. Find a really good gloss, and it’s essentially like putting skin care on your face. In fact, many makeup artists use a similar trick by tapping in a creamy lipstick on the cheeks for a subtle hit of blush; there are even quite a few lip-to-cheek products on the market that are formulated for both areas. Lip gloss can give you that same understated tint a lipstick-turned-blush would, with a bit more sheen.

Just make sure you’re not using a gloss that’s too tacky—a recipe for getting wisps of hair stuck to your face all day. Rather, opt for blendable, oil/gloss hybrids like this iNNBEAUTY Lip Oil or translucent, jelly balms like this Tower28 ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss.


The takeaway.

For those looking for a glow, sans shimmer, a clean lip gloss can work wonders. Of course, if you’re especially breakout-prone, you might want to take an extra peek at the ingredient list to make sure there are no pore-clogging players. Or perhaps do a patch test before tapping gloss on all your high points—most natural options will be fit for sensitive skin, but those with certain allergies might experience a reaction.

There’s a bunch a trusty tube of lip gloss can do (give you a juicy pout; a dewy, lifted look; even tame pesky flyaways). Consider this hack minimal makeup at its finest; grab your gloss, and glow on.

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