The 2 Days To Be On High Alert This Week, According To Astrology

July 11, 2020 at 10:23PM

This week, the AstroTwins break down why it may be a good idea to resist taking anything at face value.

This week’s “cirque du Soleil” begins on Tuesday, July 14, with an eye-opening opposition to Jupiter retrograde.

Should you let it all hang out or keep it under wraps? That’s the question of the week as the brash Cancer Sun weaves into a dynamic dance with two powerful planets. This muddling influence can make it hard to know where boundaries lie—and when we’re oversharing or not quite revealing enough. While the Sun-Jupiter faceoff can make us all feel like ballers, it can also send us on serious ego trips. Make sure you can back up bold words with action. Pride goeth before a fall.

When it comes to altruism, wait before hopping on any bandwagons—even if they feel like a noble or worthy cause. First, do some digging. Who is behind the initiative, and what principles do they stand for? When it comes to statistics, look at who funded the study. With Jupiter in Capricorn since December 2, 2019 (and until December 19, 2020), if you want to know the truth, you might have to follow the money, as they say. Speaking of which, hidden details about global leadership or behind-the-scenes economic dealings could emerge under this opposition. What sounds like a conspiracy theory could turn out to be legit under this jaw-dropping transit. Thankfully, it only comes around once per year.


On Wednesday, July 15, investigative Pluto in Capricorn gets in the same hot seat, parking directly opposite the Cancer Sun for its annual face-off.

If you want answers, you’re going to have to slip on the sleuthing hat and maybe throw down some tarot spreads. There will be so much going on below the surface that it will be impossible to interpret anything at face value. We’re not saying you should walk around treating perfect strangers like prime suspects. But if someone’s motives seem questionable, take a deeper look.

Keep your stormier feelings, like anger and jealousy, under wraps. With the Sun in emo Cancer (plus the shadow of Mercury retrograde—aka “retroshade” lingering all week) people are prone to taking things personally. Just don’t be so secretive that your cloak-and-dagger act arouses suspicion or makes you look like you are hiding something. Such a tricky line to walk!

On a sultrier note, the Sun-Pluto opposition can set off some seriously sexy sparks—and bawdy Jupiter can make it hard to hold back when the chemistry is so exothermic. Nothing like a little mystery and dynamic tension to ratchet up the attraction, right?

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