Journal Prompts for August + Finding Your Purpose

August 01, 2020 at 10:00AM

Does anyone else feel like there’s been a constant chatter, chaos, noise since March?! Every week there’s something new to care about and get fired up about. Here’s what I’ve realized: I can’t save the world. Can I get passionate about something? Yes. Can I get passionate about everything? No. This is something I’ve been reflecting a lot on lately. There’s so many things I care about but the reality is that I don’t have endless time or physical and mental capacity to make change for all of them. My energy is best spent on the things I’m more passionate about and where I can create long-lasting and sustainable change. For this month’s journal prompts, I wanted to focus on finding balance and how to figure what to care about including what values are most important to you and how to be an advocate without reaching burnout. Burnout doesn’t serve anyone, so it’s time to set aside some time to reflect on your passions, your values, and your purpose so you can fight the good fight…for the long haul. 10 Journal Prompts for Finding Your Purpose 1. What are your top three values? 2. If you had to choose one principle […]

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