These 23 Buys Have Made My Bathroom the Chicest Room In My House

August 02, 2020 at 06:03AM

When it comes to shopping, fewer things bring me more joy than purchasing pieces for my bathroom. As someone who loves nothing more than to end the day with a drawn-out soak, I consider my bathroom to be my own personal sanctuary. Of course, it’s also the room in which I kickstart my routine every morning, which is why I think it’s of the utmost importance that we all create tranquil, stylish bathroom spaces to spend these precious parts of our day in. A chaotic scene is not conducive to relaxation, after all. 

Aside from plumbing fixtures and tiles, there are so many ways to help elevate your bathroom—and needless to say, beauty products are a good place to start. While you’ll likely have a cupboard lined with lotions and potions, it’s important to think about the bathroom beauty products you want to have on display. To create a calming ambience, you’ll need to select these products carefully—it helps to stick to a tonal colour palette to ensure each product blends together seamlessly to create a chic backdrop.

Brass bath caddies and waste bins, fresh room sprays housed in amber bottles, tufted berber-style bath mats, coordinating (and industry-loved) shampoos and conditioners, elegant toothpastes (yes, that’s a thing), and nourishing oil soaks—scroll below to browse my edit of the best bathroom beauty products to adorn your space with. 

Decorate with your favourite candle, tipple, and book. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price of this chic towel pack—ideal for dabbing my face with after my hot cloth cleanser. 

Unified branding will make your bathroom space feel cleaner—it also helps that Olaplex’s formulas are second to none. 

This bath sponge provides the perfect amount of daily exfoliation. 

What would getting ready even be if you didn’t do it wafting around in your robe? 

This hand wash gets the seal of approval from countless Who What Wear editors—myself included. 

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that can make the biggest difference. Not only do these bamboo cotton buds look chicer than your usual white iterations, they’re also considerably more eco-friendly. 

Misshaped mirrors are a huge interior trend right now. 

I spent months looking for an affordable bath brush, and this one is without a doubt the best I found. 

My favourite candle to burn right now. I also love the cork top, which doubles up as a candle tray to save your surfaces from marking. 

I always give bath oils as gifts—this Ortigia bottle is one I’d like to receive myself. 

Ensure your hand soap bars have a pretty place to rest between washes. 

Place this in your bathroom and I guarantee your entire house will be filled with the gorgeous scent. I swear, the steam makes it more potent.

I’m a sucker for bath salts. I’m also a sucker for minimalist packaging. 

When you’re finished with your cotton buds and tissues, rest assured they won’t make a mess of your sink when you have this (stylish) waste bin at your disposal. 


My teeth are naturally quite dark, but this toothpaste brightens them immediately after use. Believe the hype. 

Marble accents needn’t be expensive, but they go lengths to making your bathroom feel premium. 

This is my all-time favourite room spray. It helps that it’s only £6, too. 

Is there anything more blissful than stepping out of the shower into a plush bath mat? I’ll wait. 

I’m a bit of a La Labour fragrance fanatic, so imagine my excitement when I discovered its range of shower gels. 

Soap on a rope just got very, very chic. 

I challenge you to find me a prettier perfume bottle or a fresher scent. 

I never knew I could love a razor so much until I tried Estrid’s Scandi-designed five-blader. 

Opening Image: @_jessicaskye

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