My Friends Always Ask Where I Got These Vintage-Style Jeans and Can’t Believe They’re $35

August 05, 2020 at 08:21PM

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone wearing cool vintage-looking jeans and wanted them for myself. Although, every time I bought a pair or tried them on, they never fit my body(or butt to be exact) quite right. Thankfully, my never-ending search just came to an end when I found these Old Navy Extra-High Waisted Sky-Hi Straight Raw-Edge Jeans ($35, originally $39). This classic looking pair has the perfect wash and texture I was looking for.

What makes them so special? For me, it’s hard to find a really high, high-waist silhouette. I much prefer these styles, because they’re more flattering and I can wear them with crop tops, tank tops, t-shirts, blouses . . . you name it. My second favorite thing about these jeans is that they have that thick, vintage-denim look and feel that sometimes stretchy jeans just can’t achieve. That said though, this pair is still also beyond comfortable. The straight-leg silhouette doesn’t feel too tight and is easy to style with everything from sneakers to sandals. If you’re sold and need a pair fo yourself, keep reading to shop the ones I own and other popular high-waist cool choices.

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Author Krista Jones | Popsugar
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