Lou & Grey Makes Comfortable Clothes Worth Living In 24/7

August 07, 2020 at 07:58PM

Our wardrobes have changed a bit in the last couple of months, and more than ever, comfort is key. If it’s itchy, too tight, or just feels awkward, we’re not wearing it. We’re kind of in love with the clothes from Lou & Grey. Super soft fabrics is kind of their signature, and we’re very much on board with that. Whether you want cute sweatpants or a cozy cardigan, these 14 pieces are our perfect everyday essentials.

We’re particularly sweet on the brand’s Signaturesoft fabric, which basically feels like the coziest thing imaginable. It’s so buttery soft, you won’t believe it took you this long to try it. Plus, the brand’s having a big sale on select items right now, so shop before everything’s gone!

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Author India Yaffe | Popsugar
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