Cardi B’s Matching Skills Are on Another Level, Thanks to Her Bandana-Print Birkin Bag

August 17, 2020 at 05:26PM

Cardi B clearly loves a coordinated moment from the looks of her latest Instagram #OOTD. The WAP singer reminded us of our favorite nostalgic print from the early ’00s: bandana. Cardi opted for a minidress made out of multiple colorful bandanas put together in a creation by Natasha Zinko. Think of it as a fun arts and crafts project, but make it high fashion. Her off-the-shoulder corset dress was made out of purple, navy, green, and pink bandanas that were simply unmissable. She even went as far as to weave multicolor bandanas through her extralong braid, which was seen when she showed the back of the outfit.

If you’re hoping to get her exact Natasha Zinko minidress, you’re in luck because it’s still available online for $1,238. To finish off her look, Cardi wore a pair of white ankle-strapped heels. She went the extra mile by carrying a Barbie pink Hermès Birkin bag that came in the same nostalgic print. Now, tell me that’s not dedication! Keep reading to get a closer look at her entire outfit from all angles. Then, shop out either her exact outfit – minus the bag – or similar, more affordable versions we found for you ahead.

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