FYI, Denim Jackets Are the New Charm Bracelets – Here’s How to Make Them Personal

August 21, 2020 at 04:55PM

When we think about fall dressing, there’s arguably no better closet staple to pick up than a denim jacket. It can be worn as the final layer during a transitional day, underneath a rain coat when the skies open up, or on top of a trendy hoodie. And it’s precisely because the denim jacket can get so much wear that we think it’s an even better idea to go the extra step and personalize it . . . the way you might a charm bracelet. Since Instagram is a great place to turn to for creative ideas, we did just that.

Up ahead, you’ll see that by adding pins or even patches, you can easily make an already awesome jacket a true statement piece. Check out some great designs we found on Instagram, then get ready to shop for your next fall fave.

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Author Rebecca Brown | Popsugar
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