Here’s What the Fashion World Is Shopping For Fall, With No Fashion Week in Sight

August 24, 2020 at 08:43PM

This fall looks a lot different for the fashion world. With runways canceled or shows reimagined on a way smaller scale, street style stars won’t be parading for cameras in major cities, showing off the new It items they procured during the summer months. The editors, stylists, and influencers we know are adjusting to a digital atmosphere where we are digesting new trends online – in part due to what we see as we scroll through our Instagram feeds. Even so, the people who make up the fashion industry do not lack in the personal style department, and they never will. That’s why we connected with them to see what their shopping carts look like right now.

Naturally, we’re all thinking about transitioning to a fall climate, and what that looks like for those working from home is different for everyone. While most of us are certainly seeking comfort, the excitement that comes with trying a new trend can’t be denied, and so many of us are planning to experiment. Kerry Pieri, Fashion Director at Harper’s Bazaar, normally spends these few weeks searching for heels, but now she’s trying a lower platform instead. Freelance writer Natasha Marsh usually reaches for dark denim in the fall, but is quarantining in LA, and the change of scenery has inspired her to test out a lighter wash. Below, you’ll find even more great ideas for fall shopping from our friends in fashion, but also the encouragement to stay in tune with your personal style through these changing times.

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Author Sarah Wasilak | Popsugar
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