I Tried Pangaia’s Sweat Shorts and Found the Solution to My Sweatpants Fatigue

August 24, 2020 at 07:58PM

I’m sure by now you have what I like to call “sweatpants fatigue,” and that’s all right, because I have a new cozy outfit you’re gonna love: Pangaia’s sweat shorts. While the sweat-short silhouette was big in the sports world in the ’90s, there’s been a resurrection within the fashion world over the past few months. The nostalgic pieces can seem a little confusing to style, but Pangaia’s eco-friendly designs made me want to give them a try. The Instagram-fave brand came out with a gorgeous bright-blue collection in collaboration with Jaden Smith’s brand Just Water.

When I received the pieces, I was instantly drawn to the eye-catching color and cute packaging. (Each of the pieces come with different colored tags that explain how the company is sustainable!) I was a little skeptical at first on how to style the shorts because I was afraid that I would look a little frumpy. In the past few months, I have tried on a few sweat shorts that I’ve had to return because they didn’t fit right. Either the length was a bit off or the pockets were placed at a weird angle that made my hips looked wide. Pangaia’s pieces seemed to resolve all of those issues for me. Another thing I am obsessed with? Just how soft the material is. Not only is the brand eco-friendly with the use of upcycled materials and its use of low-impact nontoxic dyes, but somehow the brand managed to nail the material as well. It is so buttery-soft. Next up, figuring out how to style the shorts.

I decided to opt for three different looks based on my moods. 1) I styled a simple white ribbed tank top tucked into my shorts and paired it with a matching blue hoodie from the collection. To make it more *fashun* I tied the sweatshirt over one shoulder and across my chest. You can also throw it over your shoulder for a preppy look. 2) I opted for a casual look of a matching crop top with sweat shorts. This is a low-key outfit combination that I could wear often while still looking cute, thanks to the monochrome look. I particularly like that the brand’s cropped tees came in a boxy silhouette rather than a skin-tight one. 3) For the final look, I decided to have a little fun. I paired a matching sweatshirt with the shorts and finished my look off with high socks, PVC slides, and a tie-dye bucket hat, because why not? While I may not wear it this way all the time, it’s a cool way to mix things up a bit while still being ultracozy.

Keep reading to have a closer look at how I styled the sweat shorts and buy the pieces if you’re feeling inspired to give it a try, too.

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