Put a Beanie On It – 3 Ways to Remix Your Outfit

August 25, 2020 at 05:40PM

The days when beanies were nothing more than a functional accessory to keep your head and ears warm are long gone. These chic and sophisticated headpieces have become the preferred choice of winter wear for many fashion influencers, and the best part about these simple hats is that there’s no single way to wear them. In fact, as soon as fall weather rolls in, think about the beanie as having endless potential. Wear it snug on your head like a fisherman, pull it up high and tight, or let it tilt ever so slightly off of the back of your head. Plus, there are tons of colors to choose from in the POPSUGAR x Old Navy collection. Check out some sartorial inspiration ahead, then get ready to shop for your next cool weather add-on.

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Author Rebecca Brown | Popsugar
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