The Single Girl’s Guide To Manifestation: 3 Blocks To Let Go Of Now

August 31, 2020 at 11:00AM


Manifestation Coach, Jessie De Lowe just released a Comprehensive Guide to Manifesting Love, a nine-part private course full of teachings, journal prompts and meditations designed to remove blocks and support those in pursuit of a new relationship.

We asked Jessie to breakdown some of the most common misperceptions so many of us have about love and relationships. Here she unpacks three beliefs that could block you from manifesting ‘true’ love…

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1. “I will finally be happy once I find the perfect partner.”

In fact, it’s the other way around. Only once you are content within yourself will you attract the “perfect” match for you: the partner that is drawn to the healthiest, most confident, fullest expression of your truth.
It is difficult to attract a partner from a state of lack, or a feeling of incompleteness, but when we do, we magnetize someone who is an energetic match for our low vibration, insecure frequency state.
Your work is to raise your vibration to one of confidence, unconditional self love, and wholeness. When you embrace all of your qualities as a dynamic being, celebrating both the light and the darkness within you, you then emit a high frequency signal of self-love far and wide into the universe, calling in someone on your wavelength who is ready to combine forces with you.
Let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean you have to have it all together to manifest true love… but you do have to be willing to love, accept, and embrace yourself while you’re evolving. 
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2. “All the good ones are taken.”

Next time you see a couple looking madly in love — walking down the street, laughing, holding hands and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes — notice whatever feelings come up. Are you jealous? Resentful? Do you turn the corner so you don’t have to watch them because you feel like they have something you don’t have?
Oftentimes we experience negative emotions when we witness the thing that we actually want because it feels painful when confronted by it, due to the limited belief that it is out of reach and separate from us.
If you recognize an example of love, or partnership that looks appealing to you, allow yourself to be drawn in! Lean into that quality and energy that you crave, knowing that if you can appreciate and perceive it, it is not separate from you, but rather already a part of you!
The more you start tuning into and recognizing the quality of person or relationship that you desire, the closer you’ll get towards bringing it into your own present reality. So instead of panicking that your friend finding the love of her life means one less person available for you, celebrate their relationship as proof that love is abundant in your sphere, and as a sign that you are that much closer to finding your soul’s match.  
Instead of avoiding or rejecting the love around us, become a “love detective,” scoping out your environment for this highest frequency of love, and soon you will recognize that there are an infinite number of matches out there for everyone and feel excited that your special person is on their way to find you in divine timing.  

3. “I’m not where I should be at my age or this stage of my life”

It is easy to feel like we are being left in the dust when everyone around us or on social media seems to have found that special person already, while we are still looking. The truth is that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. If you resist where you are or compare your situation to someone else’s, you are not tuning into the limitless possibilities and resources that are always available to you in any given moment.
When you embrace exactly where you are in your life, owning your own unique path and looking at each and every experience and past relationship that brought you to this moment through the lens of gratitude, you will feel more relaxed, more present, and absolutely more magnetic. 
If you are ready to attract the love and relationship of your wildest dreams and are interested in diving deeper, check out Jessie’s comprehensive guide to manifesting love here. 

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