Jess’ 5 Tips for Boosting Immunity

September 07, 2020 at 09:00PM

Hi angels,

Today I’m sharing my top tips for supporting your immune system! It’s such an important function, and each day has to fight the many bacteria, germs and pollutants from your environment.


1. Drink plenty of water!


Aim to drink at least 2L of water each day to support your immune system! It flushes out the bad bugs, and supports your immune function!

2. Eat a variety of whole foods, including all different colours!

Eating a varied diet filled with whole foods is essential for keeping your immune system strong, and protecting you from getting sick. Aim to include a range of whole foods, especially vegetables and fruit, into each meal, to ensure you’re providing your body with adequate nutrients to fight off disease and boost your immunity! Different colours mean different nutrients, so try to eat foods in all the colours of the rainbow! The JSHealth App has more than 600 healthy, balanced and nutritious recipes packed with whole foods to help you stay on the right track!

3. Wash your hands – regularly!

This one is simple, but hygiene is extra important at the moment. Please make sure you’re washing your hands as much as possible, particularly after touching common surfaces, and also wiping your phone down regularly – this is a secret carrier of germs and bacteria! Be sensible, and keep clean!

4. Make my immune-boosting shot! 

This quick and easy shot is fantastic for naturally nourishing your immune system! It has antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial nutrients – what a combo! Get the recipe here.

5. Try my new Immune+ formula.

At times like this, it can be a good idea to give your immune system a helping hand with some well-chosen, thoroughly researched vitamins.

My new high-strength Immune+ formula contains powerful nutrients and herbs to support your immune system! Want to know what makes the ingredients so effective?


Andrographis is a herb that can reduce the length of time that you experience a common cold! It relieves some of the nasty, common symptoms you know and hate, such as a cough, throat irritation, nasal congestion, ear irritation, tiredness, weakness and headaches.


Echinacea contains anti-inflammatory properties, and is also antiviral and antimicrobial! It helps your immune system fight illness.


Olive Leaf

Olive Tree leaves have been used in traditional medicine as they contain large amounts of the antioxidant, polyphenols. Evidence shows this leaf supports cardio-protective, antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activities. So basically, it’s a superhero herb!

Vitamin C

Research has shown that Vitamin C plays a vital part in the function of your immune system. A deficiency in Vitamin C can actually lead to impaired immunity, and a higher risk of infection! 


Zinc not only supports your immune system to fight illness, but is also involved in overall healthy immune system function. Both Zinc and Olive Leaf are antioxidants which reduce free radical damage to body cells. 

Immunity powerhouses, all in one formula!

Try my new Immune + formula today!

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