Cashew Butter [with Cinnamon]

Cashew Butter [with Cinnamon]

September 09, 2020 at 10:00AM

Ever wondered how to make cashew butter? This cinnamon cashew butter is the ultimate creamy topping for toast, apples, granola or whatever your heart desires and is made with just 5 simple ingredients! C likes to joke that I roped him in in the early days by baking him decadent sweet treats and then a few years into our relationship I flipped at 180 and went hardcore healthy. He isn’t wrong. I have always loved to bake and especially love a good decadent dessert. I don’t share many of these recipes on here, and TBH rarely bake super decadent foods these days but occasionally I still do. Most of the time though I am coming up with healthier swaps or copycats that could fool even C’s sweet tooth. One of C’s favorite foods and my go-to baking obsession is speculoos or cookie butter. Around the time we started dating (2011), cookie butter came out at Trader Joe’s and it was all the rage. I made cookie butter cookies, cookie butter STUFFED cookies, cookie butter blondies, donuts, banana bread etc…The obsession was real and I have zero shame in it. That being said, I haven’t bought cookie butter in years and […]

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