Christine Quinn From Selling Sunset Has a 20-Carat Engagement Ring Worth “Well Over a Million Dollars”

September 15, 2020 at 04:33PM

No matter when you finally get around to watching Netflix’s Selling Sunset (I recently sprinted my way through all three seasons), you’re going to have one lingering question on your mind: just how many carats is Christine Quinn’s engagement ring? That thing steals the spotlight every chance it gets, no matter how avant-garde or eye-catching the rest of Quinn’s outfit might be. Christine married Christian in the finale episode of season three, wearing two stunning, completely dramatic Galia Lahav black gowns. It seems like two is her lucky number, because that’s how many engagement rings she collected before tying the knot.

Christine’s jeweler, Monika Kosa of Kosa Diamonds and Kosa Jewels, told POPSUGAR that she and Christine worked closely together to dream up the rings. “Christine knows exactly what she wants: the best. She was involved in every step of the creation of her D flawless, little over 20 carats of diamonds in total weight, main engagement ring. We set the center oval diamond in an impressive U-shape setting, which is uniquely delicate as stones can fall out. But there is no price on style! This rare and delicate piece is worth well over one million dollars,” she said.

Yep – well over one million dollars. So even though all the multimillion-dollar mansions the real estate agents sell on the show are something to gawk at, we’re just going to take a moment to direct our attention to these rings instead. Excuse us while we zoom all the way in on Christine’s two sparklers, the second of which is shaped more like a band, albeit a very large one, made up of incredibly impressive rocks. Christine often wears this one by itself, although when she completes the stack with her wedding band, we’re literally just seeing stars. Seriously, the sparkle ahead is real.

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