My Experience with An Ectopic Pregnancy

September 15, 2020 at 10:00AM

*If you’ve experienced pregnancy loss this post may be triggering for you so please proceed with caution.* Not in a million years did I think I’d be writing this post. For one, I’ve never had a desire to document my pregnancy experience or share any of mine and C’s family planning choices with anyone besides the two of us. And secondly, I never thought pregnancy loss would happen to me. It’s true. Despite pregnancy loss being so common, you just don’t expect it to happen to you. It makes the whole experience feel so surreal and quite honestly, I’m still trying to process it. But I’d like to believe that some kind of purpose can be derived from this experience and/or at the very least could help one of you feel a little less alone. Because that’s how the last month of my life has felt. So, incredibly, alone. I’ve spent countless hours on reddit message boards reading about ectopic pregnancies and women’s various experiences with them hoping to find someone who shared something in common with me. I desperately googled “ectopic pregnancy” only to find pages of clinical websites listing off risk factors that didn’t apply to me and […]

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