These 32 H&M and Mango Items Are Fashion With a Capital F

September 20, 2020 at 06:30AM

If you’ve read enough Who What Wear stories, you’re probably all stocked up on wardrobe basics like skinny jeans and classic dresses. I know it might seem like the more exciting pieces are all designer, but I’m here to prove otherwise. I spent a solid couple of hours poring through H&M and Mango to find the pieces that I can only describe as fashion with a capital F.

These pieces I picked below are a bit bolder and more directional than the brands’ usual fare, so they’ve got fashion person written all over them. Croc-print faux leather pants? Matching knit bra top and hot pants? Extra-chunky boots? Check, check, and check. Scroll down to shop the stylish new fall pieces from H&M and Mango. 

This is a refreshing twist on the classic leather moto jacket. 

Nothing says “badass” like a pair of (faux) leather pants.

Chunky flat boots are very fall 2020. 

These definitely look designer. 

Why wear a boring wool blazer when you can get one in faux leather?

Long shorts are a trend plucked straight off the runways in Copenhagen.

Fashion people love exaggerated silhouettes like this. 

H&M also has a similar version of the shoulder-pad trend. 

This comes with a matching Knit Cardigan that I highly suggest pairing it with. 

The IG crowd can’t get enough of matching sets. 

Practical and chic—my favorite combination. 

This neckline is very fashion-y right now. 

These square toes feel very fresh. 

Heads up: This perfect jacket also comes in black.

When it comes to collars, go big or go home. 

Must be the season of the witch. 


This is a very fashion-person update to the traditional tan trench. 

Vests are one of the editors’ favorite fall 2020 trends.

Pretty in pink. 

House dress, but make it fashion.

Fashion people always seem to gravitate towards unconventional shapes—and I’m not mad about it.

I always love sheer details. 

These boots were made for walkin’. 

Yep, the statement collar trend is still going strong. 

Here’s how to dress for that awkward season in between summer and fall: a floaty dress with combat boots. 

I told you that fashion people love their roomy silhouettes. 

Yep, I’d also style these pants with low-heeled booties. 

Pose optional. 

“Grandpa” sweaters are very much a thing for autumn.

Long live statement collars. 

As comfy as a blanket. 

Next, the beauty advent calendars we love for 2020. 

Author Erin Fitzpatrick | Whowhatwear
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