When You Buy a Coat from This Toronto-Based Brand, You’ll Help Plant Trees Across Canada

September 22, 2020 at 07:38PM

Looking for a reason to buy a new winter coat – besides just really wanting a new one for the new season? Well, Toronto-based outerwear brand Sentaler is giving you an excellent one this winter with the brand announcing today it is launching a new long-term charitable initiative called “Forests for the Future.” From today, for every coat purchased through the brand’s website or at its Toronto flagship, Sentaler will donate funds to Forest Recovery Canada and Forest Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program to support the organizations’ large-scale tree planting initiatives.

On why the brand – which recently launched a luxe new scarf – has introduced the partnership, president and creative director, Bojana Sentaler said in a release, “Raising awareness for our clients and followers of just how important forests are for a green and healthy future is very important to me.” She added, “The health of our ecosystems, economies and communities are heavily impacted by the health of our forests and I want to help lead the charge for change and grow healthy forests for the future.”

In a personal note shared via the brand’s website, the designer noted how she has reconnected to nature over the past few months and the impact that has had. “While I have always enjoyed being outdoors, it is over these past few months that by rediscovering the forest, I have consciously become aware of everything that our earth gives us, and just how little we give back.” Sentaler calls her interactions with nature “green therapy” adding, “Sitting in the forest, feeling the sun warm my skin, listening to the music of the wilderness, and taking deep breaths of cool fresh air, it occurred to me what a difference one tree makes. A tree is a symbol of hope. A tree creates oxygen. A tree improves water quality. A tree creates habitat for wildlife. And most importantly, a tree absorbs carbon, a key component in fighting the effects of climate change.”

Wanting to ensure that future generations also get to experience a green planet is the driving force behind the new initiative. “The time to act is now,” Sentaler writes, “Alone, we are just one tree. But together, we are a forest. And together we can help create the forests of the future.”

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