I Think I’ve Found the Perfect Shampoo for Every Hair Type

October 22, 2020 at 06:02AM

“Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t so we could actually think about something else occasionally, but it is. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day.” Truer words were never spoken than in Fleabag’s speech to maligned hairdresser Anthony.

But how do you avoid that bad hair day? As someone who’s been blessed (and sometimes cursed) with curly hair, I have a theory that you need to start with the basics, and by that I mean a great shampoo.

I’ve tried quite a few over the years, especially as I’ve also had varying degrees of dyed hair too, so I know that there are certain ones that I personally recommend. For any hair types that I can’t comment on, I’ve gone to the experts. Below, you’re bound to find a shampoo that suits you. Keep scrolling for more.

My personal favourite for dry scalps is The Body Shop’s ginger shampoo, which has really rescued my dry lockdown scalp of late, but there are so many other brilliant ones on the market that range in price. 

Overdone it with the blow-drying or straighteners? Try some of these repairing shampoos. 

Blonde hair—whether natural or highlighted—can always benefit from a great lightening shampoo. Olaplex No.4 is one of the recommended products for a reason: It repairs bonds while also cleansing the hair. It’s ideal for dyed hair. 


Even brunettes need a bit of a help with boosting colour. Try any of the four products below to give your brown strands a high gloss. 

These shampoos are great for allover hair gloss but also smell incredible. You can skip your perfume the day you use these. 

On the best products for Afro hair, I spoke to Dizziak founder Loretta De Feo on what to look for. Essentially, you want an ultra-moisturising haircare product that also tends to the scalp. Dizziak is one of those products (it’s already picked up a cult following), but it’s also worth checking out other shampoos that are great for Afro hair.

Want to give your fine hair volume? We’ve got you covered. 

Thick hair is brilliant, but sometimes it needs a little help to keep it under control. See our pick of the best shampoos for smoothing thick hair below. 

As someone whose hair goes from curly to wavy to curly again, look for a product that will bring out your shine and keep a lid on the frizz. I especially love Sachajuan and Larry King’s new offering. 

I might be going grey, but I’m not allover grey just yet. However, my mum, who is grey all over, swears by using silver and purple shampoos. Find the best around below. 

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has been updated. 

Author Elinor Block | Whowhatwear
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