Dare We Say Turtlenecks Are the Coziest Sweaters Around? Here Are 21 of Our Top Picks

November 25, 2020 at 07:15PM

When it’s cold all over and you’re cold all over, a turtleneck just hits those spots that crews, cardigans, and v-necks miss. Plus, this sweater style makes an even more unique way to show off your favorite bangles and necklaces, so why not get creative with accessories, too?

Now, while that may sound like a cinch, picking your favorite turtleneck out of the 21 we selected from Amazon just may be easier said than done. There are cropped, chunky, sleek, and ribbed options on our list . . . and even one with a built-in protective mask. Don’t believe us? Check them all out ahead.

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Author Morgan Ashley Parker | Popsugar
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