6 Perfect Outfits I’ve Found to Wear This December

November 29, 2020 at 05:06AM

This December will be like no other we’ve experienced, that’s for sure. With our days and regular activities dictated by ever-changing rules and regulations—where you can go and with whom, for how long you can stay and what you’re actually allowed to do during that time—it’s easy to write fashion off as too frivolous to mention.

However, if the past year has taught us anything it’s that the little things do make a difference, and our growing list of small-but-mighty actions can include reveling in getting dressed. This doesn’t mean you have to own something new and get that fast fix in order to feel buoyant—I promise that even the most cursory and purposeful dive into one’s own wardrobe can hit a creative note and set you up for the day. However, a comfortable, comforting, enjoyable outfit may just alter your mood enough to bolster you for a slew of tough online meetings, make you feel that little bit more pulled-together for a brisk walk around the block or help you truly wind down for some “me time.” There’s nothing silly about it: psychologists will agree that clothes affect our feelings, they are our second skin. And as such, during the most dark-and-dismal months like December, it’s going to be increasingly important to find outfits that bring joy. 

With that in mind I took to Instagram to find you some new winter outfit formulas to take you through December and well into 2021. They range from the super-casual (or those of you superglued to your trackies) through to something a smidgen more sophisticated (well, you never know who you bump into on that stroll around the park). Many can be compiled and styled from items that already exist in your closet, others you might see as an opportunity to invest in a fresh item that has longevity. Either way, you’ll not be stuck for something to wear this month. Keep scrolling for the best looks to wear right now…

I wish I was laid back enough to pull this off, but alas it’s not for me. However, I do appreciate just how cool and easy a puffer coat, jeans and boots combination looks on so many other people. 

Satina of @huesofwhite just solved our can’t-be-bothered-to-wash-hair-again problem by throwing a ’90s cap on top of her easy-going ensemble.

Jess has been serving us non-stop wintry greatness over on her Instagram, and this fabulous ASOS puffer is now firmly on our radar.

Jeans too plain for you? Then take a leaf out of Hanna’s book and try out leather pants instead.

This combination may seem niche but it’s one I’ve seen bubbling up and it just works. An antidote to super-minimalism, this could certainly jazz up a video call.

Faux croco pants with a zebra cardigan? Why not! Lauren’s strict monochrome palette gives this combination a polished finish.

Franny opts for a more dressed-up approach with a leather midi, slouchy boots and a cute top-handle bag.

When in doubt, wear a jumper dress. It’s a failsafe option for those cold days where you still want to make some effort, and that’s why they’re selling out left, right and centre.

Bella’s ultra-minimal take on this popular trend is so easy to replicate—just add black accessories to a neutral sweater dress.

Eni makes a strong case here for the belt bag as your new walking pal—handy for just nipping out locally, don’t you think?


Like your winter wardrobe with a bit more drama? Renia adds in Loewe’s statement obi belt to give her jumper dress extra definition.

Nothing says “riche” quite like an all-white or all-cream palette. It implies you aren’t the kind of klutz who spills coffee all over themselves, or spends any time schlepping around getting mucky and muddy outside. Chauffeur driven is the vibe here.

Stella’s cosy cream two-piece is a look I’ve seen multiple times on my feed lately. It’s elegant yet incredibly comfortable.

Mette knows the rule: If you’re wearing a tonal outfit always try to mix up your textures. It adds interest and character.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure that a long cream coat like this is the ultimate winter piece for sophisticates like Debora.

For all the dress addicts out there, we’ve noticed an uptick in checked dresses being worn with school-ish flats and cut accessories. It’s whimsical and you’ll need a coat over the top, but still, sweet.

This might just be my favourite look of 2020. Ganni’s checked dress lends itself well to winter layers thank to the black running through its pattern. Well played, Hodan.

Olivia’s patchwork dress is from a new brand we’ve been keeping an eye on, Damson Madder.

For the ultimate in cosy with a capital C, O, S and Y, we’d suggest layering up your favourite sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms with a snuggly faux fur coat. When the temperatures dip you’ll be glad to have this formula on hand.

We’ll be copying and pasting Amaka’s look for our next trip to the local Spar, coffee included.

You don’t have to play this safe—Olivia and Alice have opted for pastel trackies and bold fuzzy coats.

Next up, the best sales pieces curated by our shopping editor.

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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