Roasted Brussels Sprouts Farro Salad

November 29, 2020 at 08:00PM

A healthy recipe for fall, this Roasted Brussels Sprouts Farro Salad makes the perfect weeknight side dish or main or holiday standout dish. Simple ingredients but full of natural flavors the whole family will enjoy. I am, both literally and figuratively a summer baby. Born in August, I live for my days in the hot sun (covered in SPF and wearing a hat) wearing sun dresses and t-shirts. Though I’m a summer baby, I live for fall foods. Chilis, soups, squash and brussels sprouts… The flavors are by far my favorite! This warm roasted brussels sprouts farro salad combines so many delicious flavors and has become a staple on our Thanksgiving table for the past couple of years.  If you want to bring a non-conventional dish to your holiday meal but also don’t want to step on anyone’s toes with your healthified green bean casserole, this warm salad is a good compromise. It tastes decadent, but it’s also packed full of healthy, seasonal fall foods. We’re also pretty limited in our kitchen resources at the moment but can easily pull together this farro salad so it’s been on repeat here until our stuff arrives from California! Figured I’d re-share with […]

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