I’m 54 and Always Get Complimented on My Thick, Shiny Hair—Here Are My Secrets

December 28, 2020 at 09:20AM

Melissa Meyers is a Los Angeles–based influencer with a focus on beauty, style, travel and wellness. Her blog, The Glow Girl, aims to empower women to embrace the best version of themselves, age gracefully, and cultivate a glow from the inside out. She also happens to be a 54-year-old with a passion for beauty. Below, hear from Meyers on her favorite hair products to keep strands thick and beautifully shiny, plus a few of her other secrets for gorgeous hair at any age. 


One of the questions I frequently receive is “How do you keep your hair so healthy and thick at 54?” While I do attribute my locks partially to genetics, I’ve found using specific high-quality products is key to maintaining a healthy head of hair. Just like any part of your beauty routine, it’s important to be consistent about how you care for your strands. It takes a village to keep my hair in good shape. When you’re in your 50s, the change in hormones can wreak havoc on hair growth. I’ve tried and tested so many products over the past year—from natural shampoos and conditioners to safer heating tools to collagen drinks and other supplements with purported hair and health benefits. Below are my best secrets to maintaining healthy hair at any age. Keep scrolling!

It all starts here! I go to Seama at L.A.’s famed Nine Zero One Salon for my cut and colour. She’s on the pricier side but is quite the perfectionist with hair. If you colour your hair, I think it’s most important to find someone you trust with the integrity and health of your hair. Find someone whose hair you admire in your area, and ask who they go to. Chances are you’ll be happy with the results! 

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Innersense’s Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner are two of the best hair products I’ve discovered recently. They are created with certified-organic plant ingredients and have an all-zero toxin rating on the Think Dirty app. Plus, my hair has never felt so clean and hydrated—even after one use! 

For a luxury brand, I’m also obsessed with Gloss Moderne’s Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner, and I like to switch between the two so my hair doesn’t get “bored” by using the same products.

This is another clean hair product I recently incorporated into my haircare routine! Infused with coconut, olives, almonds and other healthy extracts, Reverie’s nourishing treatment leaves hair feeling silky and smooth. I use it when my hair is feeling dry, which is quite often now that I live in L.A.

A heat protectant serum helps volumise and rehydrate the hair while protecting it against damage and breakage from styling tools. I like to use a clean, multiuse hair one that can also be used on dry hair.

This spray from R+Co adds the perfect amount of texture and shine. Plus, it can be used on all hair types. Using this product actually makes the hair appear thicker and adds instant volume. Apply it after drying to help you style or use it instead of hair spray.

Moroccanoil’s hair spray in the medium hold is perfect to use as the last step in your hair routine to achieve a flexible, lightweight hold for natural-looking styles. I love the signature scent, and I use this product as I’m stepping out the door for a little extra hold at the beginning of a long day or night out.

When my hair is a bit dirty but I want to get in another day or two before washing it, Ouai’s dry shampoo makes my hair feel and smell clean without leaving a white powder residue. I don’t like to wash my hair more than three times a week, so I reach for this dry shampoo quite often.

This dryer has a built-in ion generator that smooths out the hair cuticle for soft, frizz-free results. I love that this dryer is lightweight and digitally controlled with three heat speeds and two speed settings. T3 has been my go-to dryer for over 10 years now, as I find it dries hair quickly with the least amount of heat damage.

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I like to use a wand curling iron about three times a week to put loose waves in my hair after a blow-dry. It makes your hair look thicker, too.  Tip: See my IGTV on how to get natural, loose beach waves in under five minutes with a wand curling iron. My easy method is less damaging to the hair.

Collagen drinks and dietary supplements are all the rage these days, and there are so many good ones to choose from to help with hair growth and maintenance. I have road-tested so many products over the past year, and these stand out.

This contains collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and probiotics which support hair growth and maintenance. The collagen is sourced from pasture-raised cows in Brazil, and consuming it regularly could help benefit the quality of your hair, skin, nails and joints. With six key flavours, you are sure to find one you love. My fave is Strawberry Lemon.

This mix is keto-certified, paleo-friendly and sugar-free. Each serving contains 10 grams of type I and type III bovine collagen peptides, which may help support hair, skin and nail regeneration. I love the chocolate coconut flavour. I add this powder to my lattes or post-workout smoothies.

Overall, getting regular haircuts every two to three months, washing my hair two to three times a week, and using all the best products, supplements, and styling tools make all the difference for maintaining the health of ageing hair. And if you colour your hair, it’s important to get it done from a reputable hairdresser who will not over-bleach or -dye your hair. I hope you try some of these products and incorporate my tips into your personal haircare routine to help get the luscious locks you always dreamed of.  — Melissa Xx. Up next: Melissa shares 9 beauty products that make her look 10 years younger. This story originally appeared on Who What Wear US and has since been updated.

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