Make 2021 about abundance, not restriction!

January 18, 2021 at 09:00PM

Healthy living is about abundance and balance! We are constantly bombarded by fad diets with a common trend of restricting ourselves. Instead of jumping on the restrictive bandwagon, join me on the healthy life and make your 2021 resolutions ones for true health and happiness.

Say good-bye to restriction

Restriction leads to an unhealthy relationship with food and your body which creates a cycle of food guilt, binging and overeating. How many times have you been on that diet and 3-4 weeks later you just can’t take it anymore? Suddenly you find yourself binge eating all those foods you deprived yourself of. This isn’t your fault. Diets are not designed to be followed long term. Your mind and body will rebel. 

Add foods in instead of removing them

Instead of focusing on removing and restricting certain foods or food groups, load up on delicious fruit and vegetables that are full of nutrition and therefore satiating. Make sure you savour and enjoy your meals, with the mindset of abundance. Don’t deprive yourself of anything – eat the foods you feel like in moderation. 

Balance your meals

Ensure each meal is satiating by adding all the right macros, eg: complex carbs, fibre, protein and fat. This means you will feel less hungry after eating which equals less junk snacking and cravings.


Embracing healthy indulgences for abundance not restriction! Enjoy your favourite foods with pleasure and no guilt or making healthy versions of traditionally less healthy options. We have plenty of recipes.

In fact, as part of the JS philosophy we actually encourage people to indulge 1-2x/week on anything they desire. This is part of the healthy life and will make you feel less restricted so you are less inclined to overeat or binge. You will find more joy when your relationship with food relaxes.

Say no to food ‘rules’

Don’t subscribe to food rules, which create stress and are unrealistic to stick to long term. Instead focus on making healthy changes and habits that are for life. Eg: focus on eating wholefood carbohydrates rather than trying to avoid them altogether.

Maximise between meals

Part of the fun of the healthy life is how many delicious treats you can have throughout the day – again, abundance not restriction. If you’re feeling hungry, try a JSHealth snack ! Need hydration? Go for a herbal tea, naturally flavour your water with berries, citrus or herbs, or try a delicious Vitality X + Collagen drink. This lifestyle is meant to be enjoyed!

Love Jess x

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