23 T-Shirts That’ll Earn You the Coolest Person Award

January 21, 2021 at 12:50AM

The one thing that’ll continue to earn its spot as the most versatile item in our closet? Undoubtedly, a t-shirt. At times plain, other times graphic, the t-shirt is a layer that stands out on its own, but looks great when tucked under a blazer or denim jacket.

We searched for the most stylish picks that can be worn year round and, of course, paired easily with jeans. And don’t worry, you’ll find something you’ll love even if you only wear black, neutral shades, or you love a pop of color. No matter which one you buy, just know the tee will quickly become your most-worn item.

Additional reporting by Marina Liao

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Author Shelcy Joseph | Popsugar
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