Sick of Sweaters? These 10 Everyday Long-Sleeve Shirts Are Anything but Boring

January 21, 2021 at 01:15AM

As we check off our fashion shopping list, stocking up on the basics in addition to trendier items is always a good move. While we know exactly where to find the coolest t-shirts, the search for the perfect long-sleeved version is a bit more challenging.

We want one that is lightweight (but not sheer), can be layered (but can also be worn as is), and, of course, comfortable. Keeping these qualities in mind, we found several options that fit the bill. And we think we’ve found the top long-sleeved tees money can buy (don’t worry, they’re actually quite affordable). Scroll on to see our picks.

Additional reporting by Marina Liao

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Author Shelcy Joseph | Popsugar
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