The 6 Expensive-Looking Colour Combinations You Have to Try

February 08, 2021 at 01:19PM

There’s no denying that we love tonal ensembles and that they always look expensive, but that doesn’t mean that more adventurous colours can’t look equally as premium. The tricky part is knowing hues work together and which just don’t. Discovering these Holy Grail colour combinations takes time and lots of trial and error but, if you see it through, you’ll reap the sartorial rewards. 

Styling different (even unexpected) colours together is the ideal, cost-free way of giving your wardrobe a refresh ahead of the new season. However, should you find yourself too time-poor to do the leg work, fret not, for Instagram’s most iconic dressers have done it all for you.

Stepping away from the beige-and-cream palette that largely dominated our wardrobes last year, the platform’s biggest style muses have been experimenting with new colour combinations ahead of 2021. So what should you wear with green? What’s the perfect match to tangerine? Keep scrolling to discover the unique colour combinations 2021 is pairing together.

Style Notes: Fashion become completely brown obsessed last year, with everything from accessories to outerwear being given the tonal treatment. Give your brown staples a springtime spin with the addition of a bright blue accessory, as championed by Ellie. 

Style Notes: Lilac was one of 2020’s biggest colour trends so, if you’ve already invested in it, then you’ll be hear its sticking around for 2021, too. In need of some inspiration, we took to Instagram to find a fun new way to wear it. Turns out, red makes for the perfect, unexpected colour clash. 

Style Notes: While orange and yellow might be too stand-out for your liking, consider muted versions of the hues – mustard and rust. Never before has a colour combination looked so luxe. 

Style Notes: Fresh and slick, tones of crisp white and rich green will always go well together. Take note of Annabel’s styling, which includes a black leather belt and bag to toughen up the combination. 


Style Notes: On its own, bright orange shades can be daunting to wear. However, grounded with a classic colour like navy, it becomes instantly easier to assemble a look with.

Style Notes: Beautifully delicate, this elegant colour combination is probably the chicest way to channel pastels we’ve seen. We love the addition of Karina’s snake print shoes, too. 

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