9 Perfect Outfit Ideas For a Spring Spent Outdoors

March 06, 2021 at 06:03AM

June 21 2021. As well as being the summer solstice and the longest day of the year, after the latest lockdown update, chances are that you’ve excitedly circled this date in your diary. For this is the day we’re hoping will mark the end of the majority of restrictions that have been in place for twelve months. Of course, this could quite easily change and is totally dependent on where you’re reading this from (I myself type this from Scotland where a different timescale is in place) but, if nothing else, it gives us hope and a date to work towards. 

That doesn’t mean that you should write off the time between now and June as a no man’s land. With a plan for restrictions to ease gradually throughout spring, some of us may be eager to begin planning outings to suit these newfound—albeit largely outdoor-based—freedoms. Think walks out-with a five-mile radius, trips to the beach, dining alfresco, having picnics in the park, and so on. 

Given that outdoor pursuits are set to be the highlight of our social calendars until further notice, we’ve decided to make the most of them, going as far as to start planning our corresponding outfits. With a little help from our fashion friends, scroll below to see the outdoor outfit ideas that’ll carry you through from March until May

Style Notes: We all know that the first signs of spring can be deceiving. Sure, it might be bright, but chances are it’s still pretty cold out. Shield yourself from any breezes with a pair of heavy-duty leather trousers, paired with a toasty sweater in a springtime hue. 

Style Notes: Denim dresses always make a comeback for spring, but we’re predicting they’ll be more popular than ever this year. Make like Emili and pair yours with chunky socks and sandals for an offbeat look. Bouquet optional but recommended. 

Style Notes: If you haven’t already picked out your picnic attire, might we suggest keeping things classic with white and red checks? We’re particularly partial to this print in dress form. You may want to carry a little cardigan in your handbag though—that weather sure can turn.

Style Notes: Whether you’re running errands or sipping on a coffee outdoors, borrow this look from one of our favourite French girls for an easy springtime ensemble. 

Style Notes: Think of April and the word “showers” is never far behind. So protect yourself from the elements with a timeless trench coat. 


Style Notes: Another ensemble we’re bookmarking for when temperatures soar. Minidresses are back in a big way for 2021, and they look their coolest paired with trainers and cardigans. 

Style Notes: The ruffled blouse is already proving to be a spring/summer 2021 must-have. Team it with this year’s It denim, flared jeans, and finish with a preppy headscarf. 

Style Notes: What we love most about jumpsuits is the fact that they lock in the majority of your body heat, making them the perfect attire for spending hours on end outdoors. Layer a thin roll neck underneath for cooler days. 

Style Notes: Sipping on a cool glass of your favourite tipple outdoors is an annual spring rite of passage. Do so in a long-sleeve dress paired with chunky boots. 

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Author Maxine Eggenberger | Whowhatwear
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