Everyone I Know Wants to Wear This Spring Colour Head-to-Toe

March 06, 2021 at 08:00AM

“Think pink! Think pink! When you shop for summer clothes. Think pink! Think pink! If you want that quel-que chose,” sings actress Kay Thompson in the classic 1957 fashion film, Funny Face. The entire opening sequence hinges on an American fashion magazine declaring that pink has come to save the wardrobes of us all. A stretch? Maybe. But in these dreary end-of-winter days, not to mention end-of-lockdown days, it can be the littlest changes that make the greatest improvements to our mood. And quite suddenly, my entire Instagram feed (aka our thread of colleague-to-colleague work messages) are littered with pink outfits. 

Pink, in all its many shades, is no strange to high fashion circles these days. About five years or so, a pink revolution came and the colour once and for all managed to shake off its dated associations and gender stereotypes. It became the official hue of millennials. Interiors, clothing and even hairstyles were updated to be rosy. It has been unwaveringly present on the runways ever since. This season, you’ll find vibrant fuchsia shirting at Valentino, neon-pink everything at Christopher John Rogers and dreamy pastels at Chloé. And now it has broken through the sea of black puffer coats to become omnipresent in the influencer world. It’s all I want to buy and wear right now, and I know many of my peers feel the same way too. In fact, we predicted this trend back in December last year.

So if you too would like to indulge in spring (if not 2021’s) top colour, keep scrolling for some excellent outfit and shopping inspiration.

Karina’s pink corduroy dress has been all over the internet lately. It looks like a joy to wear, so I can’t blame anyone! You can preorder it below.

Anne’s unexpected combo of pink sweatshirt and cow-print pants has me enthralled! It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth a go.

I like both the idea of wearing pink, red and maroon but also a cardigan with leather trousers. Thank you, Emili.

By adhering to a strict colour palette—pink, green, black and white—this mashup of textures and prints really, really works.

Emma’s pink cord suit is understated but just so cool. It doesn’t need layers or accessories.

A pink sweater-vest layered over your favourite pink summer dress means you can wear it even sooner.

Our favourite “old Céline” dress styled with red strappy shoes. Perfect.

A pink blouse and jeans? So simple but so effective. A solid reminder here from the #1 pink lover, Zeena.


Jeniese’s pink overalls and trainers combination is perfect for brightening up the streets on your daily walk.

Lilac and pink make the sweetest bedfellows, and Karoline has artfully thrown some zebra print into the mix too.

Madeleine has totally convinced me to buy a big bohemian pink cardigan.

Dolly-ish pink dress with pop socks and heels? That’s my next Zoom party look right there.

Michelles bubble-gum pink skirt suit is just adorable and giving me Clueless vibes.

Naaomi’s soft pinks combined with box-fresh sneakers and a burgundy jumper feels so right for spring.

Nnenna has totally talked me into a fluoro blazer with gingham trousers.

Pernille’s crafty knit and tutu skirt isn’t for the minimalists out there, but it is 100% fun!

Janka’s entire feed is full of colour, but I just love this vibrant-red-and–neon-pink combo. So joyful.

Sara’s ultra-cute combination really wowed everyone over on Instagram.

Sara is always persuading me that more is more, and she’s not the first woman in this gallery to try pink and zebra print together. So I think it needs to be done!

Next up, the other colourful spring outfits we love. This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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