I’m a Modest Dresser—6 Crucial Wardrobe Essentials I Rely on Come Spring

March 06, 2021 at 05:05AM

As a modest dresser, I live for the colder weather, as it calls for a whole lot of layering. I can comfortably wear a sweater, blazer, jacket, and boots in bliss without looking like Joey Tribbiani from that one Friends episode (you know the one). When spring starts to approach, layering is still possible, but the weather for the most part brings warmer temperatures, so there are a few essentials I rely on to keep me both covered and comfortable. 

While I won’t be layering heavy knits, most of my essentials consist of lightweight materials that can easily be worn together or separately. If you’re also a modest dresser or are just looking for some ways to incorporate modest style into your spring wardrobe this year, then keep scrolling for my six go-to pieces. I’ve even included some outfit inspiration to show how I’ve styled them in seasons past so you can start planning your outfits right now.

I’m going to miss my coats, but a lightweight blazer is the perfect additional layer to go over T-shirts. Instead of heavier wool, I tend to lean towards lighter options in the spring since the weather is still cool enough for a little layering.

A trench coat is always deemed the perfect spring coat, and I didn’t get the hype until I got my own. It feels so light but perfect on those days when there’s a little breeze. Plus, it goes with almost anything, trust me on that one.

Airy blouses are always my savior in the warmer months, as they pair easily with jeans or wide-leg pants when I’m not in the mood to do too much thinking for my outfit. I tend to prefer ones with interesting sleeves and detailing, but there are basic options on the market too.

Autumn and spring are my favorite months simply because I can throw on a cardigan and walk out the door. There are a variety of more lightweight ones now, which I love as much as chunkier knits.

I steal button-downs from my dad’s closet like it’s my job. Can you blame me? They’re so versatile. You can wear them as a breathable top over jeans or you can copy my personal favorite styling trick, which is to tie them over dresses for the perfect breezy layer.


Dresses seem like an obvious option, but I still had to add it in here. If you’re looking for comfortable dresses, try to look for fabrics like cotton or poplin instead of chiffon or viscose, which many tend to come in.

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Author Yusra Siddiqui | Whowhatwear
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