Baked Chicken Kabobs

March 29, 2021 at 10:00AM

No grill? No problem. Whip up these Baked Chicken Kabobs in your oven without skimping on flavor! String them up with fresh veggies and top with a tangy lemon yogurt sauce for a delicious weeknight meal or weekend specialty. For most of the past 8 years I’ve run this blog I haven’t owned a grill. When we lived in Toronto we had access to our building’s rooftop grills but they were almost always broken. In San Francisco we didn’t have the space and for the brief 10 months we were in Marin I was able to buy a used grill off a neighbor that we made great use of. Otherwise grilling just hasn’t been an option. Now that we’re here and settled in Minnesota we do plan on getting a grill (eventually), but if you haven’t heard it’s basically winter 6 months of the year here so we haven’t exactly been rushing out to get one. Once the temps rise and we can actually enjoy the grilling process we’ll feel more motivation to find one (unless you want to sell me your used one!) but for now we’re making do with our oven and grill pan. And to be honest, […]

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