Orange Rosemary Scones

April 05, 2021 at 02:00PM

Start your day with these delicious and easy whole wheat orange rosemary scones. Made with freshly squeezed orange juice, flavorful fresh rosemary and whole grain whole wheat flour. We’re 5 months into our move to Minnesota and despite everything going on we are so so happy here. The snow has officially melted, the temperatures are warming and I’m getting excited to install our garden here. Because if there’s anything I’ve missed about California, it’s the fresh produce. Now hear me out, I feel so fortunate to have access to fresh food here in Minnesota. Period. However, living within 100 miles of where your food is grown is a true luxury that California offers and let me tell you, lettuce is better when it was grown within driving distance. I know Minnesota will offer this in the summer and especially once our garden is in place but it probably won’t ever be like California, and that’s okay. I sighed a little when I paid $4 for rosemary at the grocery store when I used step outside my house and cut it fresh because it grew like weeds but truth be told, these orange rosemary scones taste just the same! These whole […]

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