The Only Shoes You Need When It Rains This Spring and Summer Are All Right Here

April 07, 2021 at 12:40AM

I hate the rain. Like really, really do. But, if I had to pick a season when the rain bugs me the most, it’d definitely be summer. Not only does it wreak havoc on my curly hair when added to existing humidity, there’s no way I’m stepping out into the sweltering city with a pair of knee-high rubber boots.

Since this is not a once-a-year occurrence, I’ve collected quite a few weather-resistant shoes, and some I love so much I also wear them when it’s not raining. Instead of traditional wellies, think flats, sandals, and sneakers that let your feet – and legs – breath. And, even if it’s not yet (or ever) super hot where you are, these will also come in handy for future tropical trips, and when outdoor festivals return, too.

Check out 15 stylish pairs of rain shoes ahead, or jump straight to the style that suits you best.

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Author Morgan Ashley Parker | Popsugar
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