Which Shoe Styles Work With Flared Jeans? These 4 Always Look Good

April 16, 2021 at 06:11AM

It’s been a while since we thought about it.

You can never get too much of a good thing, and right now, our thing is denim. After being somewhat cast aside for the first time in recent history thanks to the stretchy waistbands and comfy loungewear of the pandemic, jeans are back on the radar. Searches for jeans and denim trends have been on the up since the beginning of the year, new looks (such as patchwork or criss-cross waistbands) have been well received by shoppers, and the more we look at our friends IRL and online the more we notice denim-centric outfits coming back to the fore.  In the past few weeks alone, the Who What Wear UK team has reported on the surprising rise of printed jeans, pinpointed 12 perfect spring outfits that all revolve around your favourite blues, decoded the new take on double denim, worked out which exact pair of & Other Stories jeans are worth ordering and much, much more. What we have discovered along our travels is that there is no “in” or “out” when it comes to silhouettes. Although it’s true that skinnies are slightly less in favour than a few years back, they’re not off the table. Instead, what we’re seeing is that all cuts, washes and colours are applicable to the here and now because it’s all about choosing the right style for you and your wardrobe. We’re living in a more democratic denim world, and that means flares are being adopted once more by stylish women in London, Paris, L.A. and beyond. But which shoe styles work the best with flare jeans? I have some theories on that. Keep scrolling to see the four footwear options that always look best with this denim cut.

Style Notes: I don’t like to make sweeping statements, but it’s true: So many French women (like Anne-Victoire Lefevre here) wear platforms with their flares, and it just works.

Style Notes: Aria Di Bari has paired her high-waisted flares with chunky platform sandals—a classic summer combination.

Style Notes: Julie Sergent Ferreri is an ardent flare wearer, and as such, she has many good outfit ideas for you to copy.

Style Notes: This is a look for all the minimalists out there. Allison Ho’s white blouse and black strappy sandals are just lovely.

Style Notes: Using blue as a base colour, Naaomi Ross adds yellow strappy sandals and a pastel vest to her classic flares.

Style Notes: You can even turn up your flares slightly to show off more of your strappy sandals à la Jessica.

Style Notes: Jazmine Rogers knows the score: White or cream almond-toe boots always look great with flared jeans.

Style Notes: Franny’s white flared jeans look very chic with tan boots and a linen blazer.

Style Notes: The idea of a trench coat with flares and a white shirt is totally timeless. Thank you for the reminder, Charlotte.


Style Notes: In this category, almost anything goes—so Jessica Torres’s Velcro-strapped Teva-style sandals are absolutely a yes.

Style Notes: But you could also opt for the season’s take on thick-soled flip-flops, as demonstrated so elegantly by TyLynn Nguyen here.

Style Notes: And yes, the idea even extends to clogs—a pairing we’ve seen some of Instagram’s more adventurous women trying out.

Next up, the trainer styles that work with dresses.

Author Hannah Almassi | Whowhatwear
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