5 Items Every French Woman Over 40 Owns

April 17, 2021 at 06:00AM

Want to know one thing stylish French women over 40 have in common? Seriously fine-tuned wardrobes that can teach all of us some lessons about how to curate closets brimming with chic pieces. In fact, many of them have the same go-to items that are the building blocks of a cool Parisian wardrobe, or non-Parisian wardrobe for that matter.

I started to notice these similarities when looking through some photos. From glossy black jackets to perfectly tailored tweed jackets, there are plenty of French wardrobe staples that are always consistent.  Go on to see the five pieces every stylish French woman over 40 owns, and then shop the pieces for yourself if you find their outfits as inspiring as I do.

Sleek and refined, black jackets with a glossy finish are plucked straight from the 1967 French film Belle de Jour

Another outerwear staple that’s a must among French women? Oversized, boxy blazers that look like they could have been borrowed from the men’s department.

There may not be a more timeless or elegant shoe than the strappy heel—a style secret that French women over 40 are clued into.


Perhaps one of the most recognisable pieces from French fashion is the tweed jacket. It instantly elevates a basic top and jeans, as is the case with outfits we’ve spotted on Vanessa Paradis.

The French are known for their penchant for ankle boots, and the way these women style the footwear makes us think it’s a practical necessity for city life.

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