Learning Basic Sewing Techniques Is the Easiest Way to Support Sustainable Fashion

April 19, 2021 at 07:50PM

Truly sustainable fashion starts with our own two hands. Buying fewer clothes, finding secondhand pieces, or investing in eco-conscious garments is a great start, but learning a few basic hand-sewing techniques is the easiest way to reduce the amount of clothes going to landfill. If you’re anything like us, then maybe you never learned how to sew. Instead of figuring out how to sew a loose button, fix a snagged thread on a jumper, or patch a pair of socks, we often end up buying something new because it seems easier.

Our relationship with fast fashion is kind of bizarre when you really think about it. If we compare fashion and clothing to food and cooking, then your perspective really begins to shift. Whether you have a super-busy lifestyle and food deliveries help to make your days easier or a weekend order-out is a treat that you look forward to all week long, we almost all make our own food, at least some of the time. Even when you think about beauty, most of us buy our beauty products brand new, but making your own face mask or hair mask is also a very normal thing you probably do in the name of self-care or saving money.

When you apply that same logic to fashion, you start to realize how odd it is that throughout our lives, most of us have never made our own clothes because it’s never been the norm. Don’t get us wrong, sewing is by no means cheap or easy, unless you’re picking up the basics of crochet or knitting. Being able to sew a garment means investing in a sewing machine, fabric, and a bunch of accessories to support you in creating a professional-looking result. But before you get bogged down with making your own spring or summer dress by hand, we found a few easy DIY sewing videos that will show you the basics and give you more control over your wardrobe. Are you ready to get more comfortable with a needle and thread and do your bit to champion sustainability? Then we found a few simple sewing videos that will have your next rip or tear covered.

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