The 5 Spring Shoe Styles the Olsens Always Rely On

April 23, 2021 at 06:03AM

I have a confession to make: I’m borderline obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. It’s not to the point where I know their birthday or Starbucks order by heart—more like a healthy, top-line sort of obsession. Being similar ages to the twins, I, quite literally, grew up with them on my television screen, and without an older sister of my own to look up to, I found myself taking cues from the duo. They were cool, funny, intelligent, and stylish, and unlike a real-life sibling scenario, they didn’t get mad when I shamelessly copied them.

As a tween, I remember trying to re-create the looks from their latest films in Tammy Girl. Thankfully, I no longer have a penchant for adhesive glitter or high-low dresses with sheer layers—nor, of course, do Mary-Kate and Ashley. Instead, they’ve become two of the chicest dressers on the celebrity circuit, and although their appearances in public are limited, they never disappoint.

I’m an entirely different body shape from the Olsens. Still, their looks provide me with endless outfit inspiration. And one thing I’ve come to find over the years is that Mary-Kate and Ashley have a penchant for very classic shoes.

With shoes, it’s easy to get swept up in trends, as they feel less committal than a full-blown outfit. For example, you might be more tempted to wear a bright shoe than a full-blown dress in the same colour. They’re an easy way to dip your toe in the sartorial water (pun intended). But as far as the Olsens are concerned, they stick to simple, timeless shoe styles year-round, which I think is the secret to their effortlessly polished aesthetic. Seeing as we find ourselves in spring, I’ve decided to take a closer look at the shoes the Olsen twins tend to wear at this time of year to inform my springtime looks. It turns out that there are five styles they wear on repeat. Handily, they’re staples, so you may already own some, if not all, of the pairs. If not, I’ve laid out some Olsen-worthy shoes to shop so you can fill in any gaps. Scroll below!

Style Notes: Where others might think twice about wearing flat shoes on the red carpet, the Olsens prove they make for an elegant and cool option. Ballet flats are integral to so many of their looks, as evidenced here by Ashley. 

Style Notes: They may have created 2021’s most in-demand sandals with The Row’s Ginza, but the Olsens have been wearing flip-flops for years. 

Style Notes: When the sisters do wear heels, they’re likely to be one of two styles: court shoes or strappy sandals. Given the time of year, I’ve chosen to spotlight the latter. 

Style Notes: Setting trends seems to be in the Olsens’ DNA, as Ashley was wearing classic loafers long before they were popular. 


Style Notes: Closed-toe mules feel more timeless than their ’90s-esque, open-toe counterparts, which is likely why Mary-Kate zeroed in on this Manolo Blahnik pair. 

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