Jonah Hill Is the Low-Key Style Icon We Need Right Now

May 05, 2021 at 05:55PM

If you pigeonholed Jonah Hill into comedy after Superbad, think what you’d be missing. Likewise, if you wrote off the actor as a funny man without a “leading man” sense of fashion, you’d be wrong. Or at least, half wrong. Instead of traditional “leading man” style, Jonah Hill’s emerged as the perfect kind of icon for style right now; he’s an original – cool and off beat. He makes us laugh, makes us think, and mostly seems like a guy we just want to hang out with. His street style is similarly relatable; it makes us smile at the way he’s unassumingly tossed on a bucket hat and tinted shades and finished the whole thing off with pair of Adidas Sambas (from his own collaboration, no less).

He’s mastered a brand of dressed-down that always comes with an added element, like a great pair of sneakers, a bold ring, or something of a color story. But, he’s never coiffed or overdressed. There’s no attempt to be anything other than himself, and that’s the kind of style we can all take notes from.

He’s part Cali surfer with a New Yorker’s sense of confidence, intellect, and nonchalance. His looks give off a little IDGAF energy without being at all pretentious. Those vibes were all over the snap he shared on Instagram, posing with Zoë Kravitz in The Row. And maybe, that’s renewed our interest in the actor offscreen, but a closer look at his riffs on tie-dye tees, denim on denim, and his expert styling of a well-worn beanie, and all signs point to the fact that Jonah Hill has been bringing this kind of low-key fashion inspiration for years. I, for one, am here for it. Won’t you join me?

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