3 Coveted Swimwear Brands Share the Secret to Finding the Perfect Suit

May 06, 2021 at 07:15PM

Nothing is more exciting to an East Coaster than the hints of warm weather after a long winter. No matter where you live, summer is about getting outside, reconnecting to nature, and spending some much-needed time in the sun. Swim season is officially here, and if you don’t shop early, all the best ones are sold out by June.

We want to purchase suits now that are well-constructed, comfortable, and on trend. What better way to get advice on creating the ultimate swim wardrobe than straight from the designers themselves? We spoke to Norma Kamali; Brittany Kozerski, founder of Jade swim; and Oleema and Kalani, cofounders of Mikoh, and wow, did we get some solid advice. Scroll through, and never shop for a swimsuit the same way again.

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Author Dana Avidan Cohn | Popsugar
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