7 Summer Jewellery Trends I’m Low-Key Obsessed With

May 15, 2021 at 06:01AM

We all know that sales of joggers, skincare, candles, and homeware have soared over the last year. Still, it might interest you to learn that jewellery (particularly fine jewellery) has also been a consistent performer in the retail sphere over the previous 12 months. And I think I know why.

Although I may have given in to the temptation to lounge in my leggings and comfiest knits of late, there was one sartorial ritual I refused to let slip: my penchant for wearing jewellery. I’ve always been something of a magpie, drawn to anything that sparkles or gleams. As such, I’ve become a bit of a collector of pretty pieces, everything from trending high-street steals to gold-plated staples from mid-end brands to a couple of unique vintage pieces I’ve sourced. And you know what? Wearing these items during lockdown made me feel pulled-together, like I’d actually made an effort. My trademark hoop earrings made an appearance on every Zoom call, while some of my more statement, low-cost jewellery was the pick-me-up I needed when I wasn’t feeling myself.

So, yes, not only can your jewellery give your mood a boost, but it can also elevate your clothing tenfold. After all, what else has the power to give jeans and a T-shirt a chic new spin quite like the gorgeous pearl jewellery that fashion insiders have been favouring for the past few seasons? Or give a formal dress a cool spin quite like an unexpected ear cuff or offbeat bracelet choice.

Jewellery is impactful, and while it can transcend seasons, it can also bring your look bang up-to-date. Below, I’ve listed seven key summer jewellery trends that I’m already clocking on my favourite Instagram dressers. From timeless additions to pieces that undoubtedly spark joy, scroll on to see them.


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Author Maxine Eggenberger | Whowhatwear
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