17 Stylish Engagement Rings Exchanged by LGBTQ+ Couples Around the World

June 04, 2021 at 04:04PM

All LBGTQ+ couples are different, so when it comes to engagement rings and exchanging vows, there are no set rules about the bling that comes with the declaration of love. Some couples gift each other rings upon proposal, while others hand-pick their stones and bands together, ordering them from the same company or boutique, so there’s less of a surprise but lots of room for personalization. A lot of people have partners that don’t like to wear jewelry at all, and that’s cool, too. Just like with all of the other little bridal details, the options are endless.

I’ll never forget when my sister sent me a text message: “How can I figure out Megan’s ring size?” she asked me, after having already ordered her girlfriend a promise ring that ended up barely even fitting over the knuckle of her pinky. At least it wasn’t a diamond! Luckily, they have time to practice and dream up some options since they both want to wear engagement rings down the road, but prefer very different styles. They may even learn a thing or two from some of the couples I talked to here: lifestyle blogger Allie sneakily hacked onto her wife’s Etsy account to find out what designs she had been saving, while Bobby, senior market editor at Who What Wear, and his partner, Robbie, knew from the start they wanted something classic and timeless, thereby vowing to go on all future ring hunts together. The details are important, after all.

Scroll through to find a roundup of beautiful engagement rings from LGBTQ+ couples, and shoot me a note if you’d love to share your own original story to be included here, too.

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