6 Reasons We’re Obsessed With This Sustainable Shopping App

June 04, 2021 at 04:00PM

Sustainability has been a hot-button topic in the fashion industry for years, and at long last, the practice is finally starting to influence the way brands produce clothes. But what does it all mean for the average consumer? Shopping sustainably not only requires money – it takes time to thoroughly research each product: where it came from, how it was made, etc. This can be a deterrent for even the most well-intentioned fashionista.

Enter Good On You. Founded in Australia by Sandra Capponi and Gordon Renouf in 2015, the app makes it super easy to determine whether a brand is ethical – and finds substitutes if it isn’t. The company is redefining what sustainable fashion means as a whole, focusing largely on environmental impact, labor rights, and animal protection. And it’s got celebrity support, too, from Emma Watson to Olivia Rodrigo’s stylist Laura Sophie Cox, who recently told POPSUGAR that Good On You does “all the hard work for you.”

Keep scrolling for six reasons why we love the game-changing app.

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Author Hannah Resnick | Popsugar
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