I’m an Editor, and These Are the 5 Comfortable Shoes I Wear on Rotation 

June 10, 2021 at 10:50PM

As an editor, people always want to know, what’s the best of the best? But, more than ever recently I keep getting asked about what’s the most comfortable. As someone who take pride in what I wear, I also rank comfortability as number one, and looking good second. When it comes to shoes, it’s no secret that there are tons of sneakers and sandals that are comfy, but not every pair fits the bill in my book. And when it comes to heels, the selection of ones that don’t kill my feet is even smaller.

To give you an insight into what editors actually wear, ahead, I curated a list of the five comfortable shoes I currently wear on rotation, for a little shopping inspiration that’ll get you ready for summer. From sleek slingbacks that I can dress up and wear for hours to classic sneakers that literally match with everything, these are the my dessert-island choices. Keep reading to shop them all and get a pair (or two) for yourself.

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Author Krista Jones | Popsugar
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