Once Upon a Time, Ben Affleck Played J Lo’s Romantic Interest in a Velour Puma Tracksuit

June 15, 2021 at 06:39PM

Gigli, which came out in 2003, might not be one of the best reviewed films of all time, but it does star Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who have recently rekindled their romance and happened to have met on the set of the movie back in 2001. Even though you may not feel the urge to reminisce about this specific storyline, we can’t help ourselves from looking back on the fashion trends this duo tried out during the early aughts, many of which extended to their onscreen style.

In Gigli, Ben played Larry Gigli, who mostly wore a slick, black leather jacket and one velour Puma sweatsuit that conjures images of J Lo’s similar street style during these years. Meanwhile, Jennifer worked low-slung denim with Western belts and plenty of chunky silver jewelry as Ricki, the irresistible agent Larry can’t help but fall in love with when she knocks on his door.

While Ben and Jennifer’s relationship then was surely different than it is now, such incredibly iconic outfits from the silver screen have been cemented in stone. That, my friends, is undeniable. Ahead, check out some key looks from Gigli that will go down in history, despite the ratings that establish it as a pretty bad rom-com.

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